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Definitions :

Floor Plan Sketch: Preliminary drawings of each floor of your home, consisting of first floor, second floor, and/or basements.

Front Elevation: Drawing of the front of your home based on floor plan sketch. This refers to exterior looks and not grade elevations.

Bid Package: Package including floor plan sketches and all four elevations used to help the builder estimate the  cost of construction prior to moving onto construction drawings.

Construction Drawings: Final drawings of each floor of your home, all four elevations, foundation plan, and roof plan to be used by the builder for construction.

Total Footage: Heated plans, front porches, rear porches, screen porches, garages, storage spaces, etc…

BIM: Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that equips architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

Philosophy :

Craig Peel has serviced the Georgia/Carolina area since 1993. He has grown his business by adhering to a simple philosophy. He believes that the practice of Residential Design should enrich and enhance the experience of his clients, staff and the communities in which we work and live. 

Craig has made sure that House Plans, Inc. staff's main goal is making this process as pleasant as possible. We do this by keeping everyone involved and informed on the progress, as well as keeping everything on schedule.  At any time, anyone from our team will be able to assist you with questions or concerns about your plans. This way we can achieve one common goal together.

Design Process :

House plans, Inc. takes pride in our ability to design a custom home to fit your budget. After 23 years in the industry, our process has been designed to create an efficient and effective path to the construction process. Beginning with basic floor plan sketches used to discuss and execute your ideas, as well as exterior design to create an image of your future home, we help each customer to visualize what the end product will be. We communicate with your builder, assisting with bid pages to help them estimate the cost prior to construction, and creating final construction drawings to pass the process onto the people who will build your home. The primary focus of our work, however, is design and our dedication to the implementation of your ideas and creation of your home.